Grownish Recap: Workin’ Me

Zoey Johnson on Fashion

With Zoey’s new focus on styling instead of design, our girl is hyped to build up her portfolio with her new business venture, the Zoey Johnson Styling Experience. Her first customers are Jazz and Skye, who are trying to revamp their image as collegiate athletes and get those sponsorships. Unfortunately, the  twins aren’t as satisfied with her uber-stylish outfits. But Zoey’s an artist first. With some doing, she convinces the twins to give her another shot.  

Zoey’s delievering  even if she doesn’t exactly agree with the vision of her clients. Vivek excitedly shows her the new picture, along with some other ones, that are rather skimpy for Zoey’s taste, with Zoey credited as the stylist. Soon, the trolls and thirst buckets of the Internet are going all out, falling over themselves with questionable comments. Still, the results are promising for Jazz, who view it as empowering. Doug, on the other hand, is upset about his girl presenting herself to the public like that. Both Doug and Jazz have valid arguments: Jazz was low-key before she wandered into this, and Doug is constantly liking thirsty pictures on Instagram all the time. Luckily, she calms him down and tells him that the pictures are for money, not for likes or looks. 

While the group enjoys a night out at the bar, Jazz and Skye gets some whistles and a request to have his picture taken. The creep goes as far as to feel up Jazz, causing Doug to sock him in the face. A fight breaks out in the bar and between Jazz and Doug. Skye confesses that she’s not into the whole thirst trap thing, even if it’s for an endorsement deal. Jazz goes anyway to the photoshoot without her sister and she and Zoey talk it out. Why is everyone down with modern feminism ideals, but in practice they’re not at all supportive? Supposedly, women have control over their bodies yet Jazz is somehow doing something wrong. After reconsidering their strategy, a new picture is posted and the girls wait with baited breath. 

Sure, sex still sells in our society. It’s not everyone’s thing, but leaving your mark on it, whatever you do, will make it feel a lot more authentic, making it easier for you to tone down the naysayers. As for Ana and Aaron, the two of them will have to figure out their style as they navigate their attraction for each other. 

Zoey Johnson on Fashion